A Passion For People, Photography, and Art

I am a photographer and artist from Richmond TX.

I was born in 1962 in Bavaria, Germany. From the time I was a child I loved music, colors, and painting. When I grew older, I gravitated towards the camera and ever since have loved to capture the world around me through my interaction with others.

Now, at age 60, I especially find beauty in “A life well lived”. My vision for my photography is, to let the older generation tell their story in front of the camera, to express their beauty, experience, and desires. I believe that our seniors are a generation that is not showcased in our society, and I want to put a spotlight on them. I feel that it is very important to preserve their legacy for generations to come. I want to hold on to memories by photographing people in their natural surroundings, at home, studio, and in nature.

My photography has become a way for me to express emotions and life stories through my lens and I hope to continue growing with my photography for years to come.

About Me