30 minute session - $195 Location Fee - $149 1 retouched image with crops

Executive Headshots

1 hour session fee - $590 Location Fee - $149 Professional Hair & Makeup available Online Gallery 4 retouched images with crops


1-3 people............$195/person 4-9 people............$145/person 10 + people...........$115/person Location Fee - $149 Multiple poses and expressions to choose from Online Gallery 1 retouched image/person


Visuals play a crucial role in capturing the attention of your target audience. A well-executed branding photo session can elevate your small business or corporation to new heights by creating a powerful visual marketing campaign. A Personal Branding or Corporate Branding is a longer session that goes beyond capturing just your face. It encompasses full body images, interactive shots, and even group photos that showcase the essence of your brand. 2 1/2 hour session - $1290 From Headshots to full body Professional Hair & Makeup available Outfit changes included Travel fee $149 Online Gallery 10 retouched images


1 hour - $695 Location Fee - $149 Online Gallery 5 retouched images $115 each additional retouched image $79 each additional images - not retouched Choose an album, canvas, gifts, prints, etc for an additional cost.